How do you choose the right Surfboard for beginners?

Choosing your first board or even one for your partner can be overwhelming.

You can rely on us for the best advice as we are the UK’s largest supplier of starter boards and boards that you can progress onto.

Our kids have tested all the boards we sell, so if you want some advice or recommendations get in touch.

No one size fits all. Wave conditions, time in the water, and the surfer are just some variables that can affect the board. We want to get you the closest board possible that maximizes your enjoyment.

Check out our video on choosing the best frame!

Beginner surfboards are best for children under 12 years of age. Because they’re soft, it won’t hurt them (as much) if they fall or bump into it in the waves. It helps them gain confidence and makes them more comfortable in the water.

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For kids, our top sellers are the Surfworx boards 7′ or, at a lower price, the Hold Fast foamy 7′. We recommend something shorter for kids who have more confidence or are improving, like the Softech Flash.

Most often, these surfboards are equipped with safety fins that have a leash.

Our soft surfboard package includes a board bag and leash at a discounted price.

You’ll be told you don’t need to wax a soft board. But, we assure you, it is a good idea. It makes the board easier to ride.

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Prices vary between brands and models, mainly because of the quality and materials used in construction.

The more expensive the board, the better it is. But rest assured; we only sell boards our kids have thoroughly tested.

Beware of PS50 Foamies sold on eBay and other sites. They’re only PS50 because they will last up to a few surfs before they crease, fold, and are unusable.

The boards are designed for children, but a competent adult can ride them. Move over, Junior; Dad’s got it!

What should I spend on?

Prices vary between brands and models because of the materials and construction quality.

The more expensive the board, the better it is. But rest assured; we only sell boards our kids have thoroughly tested.

Beware of PS50 – PS100 foamies sold on eBay and other sites. They’ll only last a few surf before they crease, fold, and end up in an unwelcome landfill. The shoddy construction of cheap boards will cause them to flex excessively. This results in the board losing speed. Speed is the key to riding waves. The faster you go, the easier it becomes. Our better panels are designed to perform in UK conditions, allowing you to enjoy surfing. Spend as much money as possible, but consider how often the board will be used. Spending less on a board that will be used for only two weeks during the summer is better than spending more if it’s used much more frequently.

Catch Surf is punk in the world of soft boards. Bright colors and vibrant designs combine with high-quality panels that perform well. The Log is available in six sizes, seven sizes, eight sizes, and nine inches in many colors and designs. Catch Surf has a line of boards inspired by athletes, including Jamie O’Brien and Ben Gravy.

For Adults

It is essential to consider a few factors when choosing your first Surfboard as an adult. These include weight, height, and fitness, along with how often you plan on going surfing.

It’s challenging to determine which board is best without this information!

You can narrow down your choice by looking at the weight ranges of each board on our site!

However, these are guides, and there’s always room for variation.

Finding the right balance is difficult. You want a board with enough volume to help you float and catch waves, but not so much that you can’t turn or carry it.

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