The best boards of the year… so far!

The halfway mark of 2021 has been a fantastic year. There have been many bad things, but the surfboard releases, and boards we love, have been great!

When we go through the long list of boards we sell and stock, there are many hissy fits, arguments, and strops.

The models we are looking at are the ones that were released within the past 12 months. We must include the old favorites, which we still enjoy surfing and selling in huge numbers. We’ve drooled over the Seaside, Evo Gremlin Flow Stik Puddle Jumper, and other incredible boards for too long.

Our picks this year include:

The all-new Mini Ghost, one of Pyzel’s most anticipated releases, is already causing waves worldwide.

The Pyzel Ghost is Koa Smith’s favorite surfboard. So when Koa and Jon Pyzel decided to collaborate on a board that he could use every day, not just when the surf was good, it is easy to see why they created this flattened, more comprehensive, squashed version of the Ghost.

You can turn the board using a board with a squashed tail and a nose pulled in.

The Pyzel Mini Ghost was designed for surfers looking for a board that they can push hard. It is also an excellent option for those just starting in the world of high-performance surfing, as the distribution and volume of the foam provide a more comfortable ride.

The Pyzel Mini Ghost is a slightly smaller board than your standard shortboard. It will give you more stoke and energy to take on any wave.

The Pyzel Mid-Length Crisis adds to the already impressive coverage of the Pyzel stable boards!

The Crisis may initially look like a standard Mid-size board, but it has more to offer than others. With the wide point forward of center, the flattish concave, and a slight rocker, this board surfs and paddles like a cruise ship.

The rocker on the board is more than the CI Mid or Album Darkness. This allows the board to work in hollower and beach break waves and excel at rolling waves.

The 2+1 setup, which comes standard on most mid-lengths, gives you a single fin feeling with drive, and the side bites give you added control. Stock glassing is 6+4 on the deck and four on the bottom for added strength and weight.

This board is excellent for those who want a more maneuverable board than other mid-length boards and a bit faster. It is ideal for those looking to catch many waves without compromising performance.

Lost Freak Flag Beanbag by Lib Tech

The Freak Flag bean bag is the latest collaboration between Lib Tech & Lost Surfboards. This surfboard was made to be used with this construction. It is destined to become the ‘ultra-groveller” for those days that are weak and lackluster.

The Lib Tech x Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag is inspired by the original Mayhem’ double ender’ Bean Bag. However, this version has been tweaked to include a ‘bump wing’ to allow the tail to be released sooner and enable the board to perform tighter turns due to the extra grip this outline provides.

This board’s stability and wave-catching abilities are sure to appeal to all surfers.

The rippers will enjoy the smaller sizes and gutless waves, as they would not usually bother to get wet.

Siren Sailor’s Ruin

The Siren Sailors Ruin looks terrific and surfs as well.

This classic Long style board is designed for easy paddling and catching waves. But don’t let the beautiful curves or sprays fool you, as this board offers all the performance, drive and hold you could want.

The Long Fish is an excellent board for surfing. It has a lot of glides and can carry speed, but it also delivers precision performance on various waves. This board is perfect for those wanting to increase their wave count without compromising performance. The Long Fish is an excellent option if you’re looking for a mid-length with a lower volume that will be easier to control.

If you are looking for a cruiser with style, then go longer. If you want to focus on performance, then shorter is best. One concave runs along the entire length of the board. This helps generate lift and speed while keeping the board stable.

Sailor’s Ruin works well in all conditions, from high-speed peelers to winter waves that have serious juice.

Pukas 69er Evolution – INNCA

The 69er Evolution is a beautiful new addition to the 69er family of surfboards.

The INNCA epoxy is designed to deliver a fantastic response… all the power you put into your turns will be rewarded with “zingy'” returns that power you through your next maneuver.

Like the Original Sixtyniner, the Evolution is an all-rounder that can be used for most conditions in Europe and beyond.

Axel Lorentz’s latest model is a great choice for experienced surfers. It’s an excellent wave-catcher on smaller days, and its fast paddle speed combined with a finely tuned tail will keep you safe when more giant waves come.

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