We are thrilled to announce that our winter shipment, Album surfboards from Cali, has arrived.

Matt Parker’s boards have been inspiring us for years. We love the color combinations and the fact that if something is working, why change it? When we decided to collaborate with Album, Matt was tasked with creating the color combinations. We trusted him to do the magic and make the colors a surprise !… Imagine the excitement in Boardshop HQ once the shipment arrives!

Matt Parker, the creator of Album surfboards in San Clemente, has been designing innovative surfboards since 2001.

Matt has worked with surfers like Josh Kerr and Asher Pacey to create quiver “alternatively shaped” shortboards. You’ll wonder why you have been using the same “toothpick” shape all this time!

These boards have the most beautiful finish we’ve ever seen. They have a variety of tints in resin that will make everyone ask what you are riding.

Each board is hand-shaped, finished by skilled craftsmen in California, and shipped directly to a board shop.

We are thrilled to stock Album Surfboards and to finally bring these excellent boards to Europe.

You may have seen Dane Reynolds surfing their asymmetrical surfboards on Stabs Electric Acid Surfboard Test. (If you haven’t, watch it now!) You would have seen it was out of this planet.

You only need to look at videos of Josh Kerr, and you will see that he is the best surfer ever.

You can create your custom board by using the Album Boardbuilder. Follow the steps below.

Visit our Album Builder

Select your model. Currently, we can customize the following models:


Fascination Goofy

Fascination Regular






Townsend Goofy

Townsend Regular


You can order a model not listed on the board builder e.g., if you would like to request a model that is not listed on the board builder, e.g.

Choose your desired length, thickness, and width from the dropdown menus. Please message us if you need help deciding what size to select.

Choose your tail shape, set-up, fin system (Album offers Futures only), and construction type using the dropdown menus.

Add this item to your basket and proceed to checkout to secure your board and pay the PS100 deposit.

You will receive an email with further information. The exciting part is when you confirm the details, such as the color of the board or any artwork. Please note that a single-color resin tint is included with the price and that all panels must be tinted.

Album’s Instagram is a great place to see some of the stunning customs they have recently created. Album’s Instagram is a great place to check out some of their recent trades.

Once you confirm that the order form is correct and you are happy with everything, we’ll send it to our guys in California, who will start creating your dream board.

8) Your board will be shipped directly from Cali, Colombia, to Boardshop’s UK headquarters, where it will be checked before being sent to you.

What are you waiting for? ?… Order your custom Album surfboard today.

Need some inspiration? See some of our customs:

The Sunstone Album is a twin-fin fish perfect for everyday surf and travel. This board is what every “Classic Fish’ should strive to be.

The board is incredibly versatile and offers much performance, which you would typically lose with most “retro-looking” dashboards.

Asher Pacey uses this model as a standard in his quiver. He surfs it anywhere he goes, from 2ft slops to overheads.

This board is not just a straight-line surfing keel-fin fish. It has a lot more to offer.

The Lightbender has a sleeker, more performance-oriented sibling to the Sunstone.

If you ride this board longer than a sunstone and with just a few liters more than your daily driver, you might never want to ride another shortboard again.

The Lightbender board is a versatile, fun, and highly-adaptable board that allows you to go faster than light when racing through barrels and trying to get through and above the lip.

This twin features a single to double concave for the exit.

Asher Pacey uses this to see if he can fly.

The Twinsman is a board that borders on genius. Take a regular fish, add more control, and a smoother direction change.

This is the closest you can come to skating on a surf. It is designed to be responsive and loose. A fuller-shaped board with a swallow-tailed winged tail paired with concave decks and low entry rocks for instant speed.

Josh Kerr, who spent a whole month in Indo towards the end of 2019, was filmed mainly on his Twinsman. He couldn’t seem to get off of it!

The Twinsman is 1-3 liters longer than a traditional shortboard and 2 inches longer than a fish.


The Plasmic can be described as a pocket rocket. Many people are put off because it’s smaller than any other board they have ever ridden.

This is incredible! Roger, one of the owners at this shop, had been riding mid-lengths and longer boards until he received this board. He won’t ride any other board!

Josh and Asher got off the ripped-off sub-5ft because it was initially made to see if they could make a smaller version.

The board features a twin fin, a double barrel bonzer-style deep channel concave that runs almost the entire length of the bottom.

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