Web surfers are a weird bunch. Because it feels good, we spend most of our time floating toward shore on a piece of foam.

Shopping for surfers can be difficult. It’s easy to buy a bunch of Sexwax air fresheners, neoprene socks, and quad fins for your partner who surfs thrusters without instructions.

We have our pick of the best Christmas gifts for surfers.

For that “new board feeling,” you don’t necessarily need a brand-new surfboard. The best gift for surfers is a set of fins. They can make your board feel more comfortable. Most surfers have a thruster or five-fin setup on their board. These are great for most conditions and can be replaced with a brand-new set.

After recently purchasing a pair of Mark Richard 2+1 fins, I have tried them out in many conditions and love them. These fins have given my old board a new feel. They are loose and skate with the small center fin giving you drive and hold when needed. These fins are great for average conditions where you can generate your speed.

These fins are best suited for groveller boards, not performance shortboards. Make sure they have FCS2 fin plugs on the board they will use.

Surfers’ ears used to be something I thought was only for those who could surf hard ‘up north.

This was until I met a friend of a friend in the surf. She then joked that she had heard many things about me, mostly bad things. My left ear was not functioning correctly, and there was a howling ocean into my right. I laughed, nodded, and said, “Yes.” This made her confused and worried that I had done terrible things.

Wax, like non-surfer socks, is an excellent gift for surfers. It’s inexpensive and handy.

Most of the elite quickly adopted fu-Wax, the newest kid on the block (pardon my pun). Fu-Wax is the preferred choice for professionals, and after trying them all, we can confidently state that Fu-Wax was worth the extra cash.

It’s not fun to change with a towel at the beach on a windy, cold day. Our microfiber changing clothes robes make it easy to change and keep you covered and warm.

You can choose a thick microfiber version for winter at home or a smaller, lighter travel edition. Both styles are hooded and have pockets and a key loop for tying your keys. The travel version can be folded to the same size as a hoodie. This makes it an excellent gift for surfers who prefer to travel light.

While surf magazines have struggled over the past decade, they are still an excellent choice for light reading or long flights.

The wavelength, which was founded in 1981, is our favorite. The UK magazine has evolved from a monthly publication to a bi-annual, more premium edition. Each summer and winter, it is now published in a bi-annual format. Each copy is meticulously assembled and packed with high-quality content from seasoned surf journalists.

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