Fiberglass: The Next Step from Foamie

You’ve been using a ” Foamie,” which is similar to an R Series Surfboard, for several years and are now considering making the switch to a fiberglass board.

A surfboard with wood stringers, foam core and fiberglass shell works.

Our fiberglass surfboards have a relatively low weight, are strong and durable. Last year, we did the math and found that over 99% (or more) of the custom boards we’ve built since 2008 were still in use.

Your fiberglass surfboard can last for decades if you take care of it properly.

What do you need know before making the leap?

Glass boards are faster in the water and more responsive to your foot pressure than foamies. Fiberglass has a slight spring back and flex to it, giving your surfboard an energetic and responsive feel underfoot.

You will need to wax the deck of your surfboard, as there are no EVA deck pads. The wax creates bumps that keep you firmly on your board. When waxing my board, I use the Vans Waffle Sole method. Lots of diagonal intersecting lines to form diamond shapes.

If you cannot answer this question clearly, I would not recommend buying a fiberglass board. Continue to surf your R-Series until you are drawn in one of these three directions.

We have repeatedly stated that every surfer’s ultimate goal should be to become proficient with various equipment.

You will eventually want to have a longboard and a mid-length board, but in the short term, we recommend that you focus on the board you are most interested in and spend a lot of time with.

You will learn the unique nuances, emotions, and moments of a particular board style by spending time with it. You can appreciate other boards better once you have gained experience and knowledge. If you are like many others and constantly switch between panels, you will only be able to appreciate the differences in the feeling of different shaped board.

This means that when you’re ready to upgrade from a foamie board to a fiberglass one, choose the board that suits your surfing style and surf it exclusively for 6-12 months. Set yourself up for success on the long-term in the surf lineup.

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