What makes a memory?

These photos were taken on a trip where I was woken up twice in the night by spiders crawling all over me, sprayed with scorpions, and had my neck slammed on a concrete ramp.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the experience. Sometimes the beauty could be more obvious. I may not remember fondly when Isla nearly fell down the escalator at the airport or when we called San Jose’s hospital because the barfing was too persistent.

After a night of mezcal, Scott said: “We’re afraid to see what is possible and break patterns. We begin tweaking and go down the rabbit hole of reasons “why not” to do something. As an expert tweaker outer, I already had a list of reasons why I would only make a trip such as this again once everyone understood not to speak in the shower. But I knew what he was saying.

The trip has made me wonder, “Who are you without the comforts at home?” That’s an interesting question (even if I answer that, I am a bit more delirious and have wild eyes). I’m getting closer to the person that 80-year-old me will remember. Someone adventurous enough to take a group of toddlers on an airplane for a desert swell.

Children will find the desert a sensory delights museum. They were resurfacing from the bottom of the ocean. The ocean’s critters are something that your air-conditioned house could never support.

With its rugged beauty and unpaved roads, Baja reminded me that we could all be accessible just by being.

I want to point out that traveling with young children is not impossible. One day, these maniac children will be travelers themselves. They’ll use their experiences with their families to inspire their travels.

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